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Photographs and video are the fastest growing content on the web and are the preferred search results when people are looking for products, services and information. While people love to read a novel or the latest Harry Potter adventure, they hate to read advertising copy and user guides. People don't want to read your message, they want to experience it in a way that only pictures and video can deliver. 

Websites like YouTube and others are exploding with all types of home made content. But when it comes to effectively promoting a product, service or company, it's the professionally produced, high production value content that get the eyes, ears and most importantly, the trust of of customers. 

From basic orientation / training video or a more creative corporate or advertising project, we are location specialists that can supply exactly what you need at cost effective rates.

• Corporate and Advertising Video
• Product and Product Demonstration Video
• Training and Orientation Video
• Point of Purchase Video Displays
• Outdoor Electronic Displays and Billboards
• Business Presentations
• Website and YouTube® Videos
• Post Production Editing
• Motion Graphics and Effects
• Video User Guides
• Voice-Over
• Storyboarding

We use Sony Digital Cinema Equipment which produces stunning full high definition video, and when needed mesmerizing HD slow motion and burst super slow motion imagery.

When you want to further enhance your production we also have optional gear including camera crane & dolly, track dolly and the post production effects that can help make your message truly standout.

Lamb Communications™ - "because pictures speak louder..."™