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    Print Design
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    Print Design
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    Print Design
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    Print Design
      & Direct Mail

Commercial Print Services

The death of commercial print has been heralded for many years and it "aint dead yet". In fact, with the advent of digital printing, variable data and teaming print with web marketing, print has entered a new era of growth.

What has digital printing brought to the mix that has changed the landscape of commercial printing? Well, thanks to plateless digital printing, online file submission and online soft proofing, you can not only order exactly what you need from a handful to a truck full but also have it in-hand faster than ever before.

So what does this mean to you, the print buyer? Well, now you can impress your clients with professional print material for your next presentation or produce short notice custom material to take advantage of unexpected business opportunity. In short, it means there is no reason not to have high quality commercially printed material to take advantage of every opportunity to promote your business.

Lamb Communications knows print, and we can help you choose wisely. Call Lamb Communications before you start planning your next project.

Commercial Print Products

Brochures & Catalogs

Sell Sheets / Flyers

Direct Mail Marketing

Advertising - Magazine

Advertising - Newspaper

Advertising - Outdoor

Corporate Publications



Facility / Campus Maps

Product & Shelf Labels

Kit Folders & Inserts


POP Displays

Business Cards & Stationery


Door Hangers

Speciality Print

A Few Featured Services

Direct Mail

Targeted Marketing

Direct mail has proven itself to be an effective replacement for oversaturated e-Mail marketing.

In fact, a study by the U.S. Postal Service found that 85% of mail is either read or visually scanned by recipients.

Direct mail is also a great way to expand your business and keep customers loyal. A study by the Rochester Institute of Technology Printing Industry Center found that 67% of respondents like getting mail about new products from companies they do business with.

Variable Data Printing

Micro Tuned Marketing

Variable data printing opens up a world of possibilities by allowing advertisers to market specific products and services to subgroups or even individuals within a single mailing and single digital press run.

Colleges and universities use it to match curriculum with individual students. Retailers tune catalog covers and featured product pages to the interest of specific subgroups or individuals.

Variable can be useful in almost any type of printed piece, postcards, letters, catalogs, kit folders and a wide range of specialty media.

Integrative Marketing

Print & Web Team Up

Print & Web can be a real powerhouse team, convenient for the consumer and rapid results for the advertiser.

Basic Example:
Use direct mail postcards to make an offer ( product, service or info ) and direct people to a URL that deals specifically with the content of the mailing and a "More info" and "Buy Now" link.

This is just a simple basic example. The options, variations and uses are unlimited.


• Designed and Produced In-house
• Never any 3rd Party Ads or Links
• No Monthly Fees

LambComm™ offers private in-house online publishing of 3D FlipBooks. We have been publishing catalogs, periodicals and brochures online for years. Our 3D FlipBooks contain no ads or links to 3rd party services. Publications are housed on our private web servers and all production is done in-house like everything else we design and produce.