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Web Design & Development

LambComm doesn't build websites, we design websites, there is a difference - a difference you can see. We custom design and produce our websites in-house and then publish them on our own private web servers. We don't use ready made designs, themes or online services to produce our sites or services and we never use shared hosting to publish them.

Our web sites run from simple small business brochure sites, to e-Commerce and custom designed advanced limited access Cloud Business Solutions. We believe a website should not just look good but also provide useful services that enhance the operation of your business or organization.

We have years of experience planning and creating a wide range of communication media. Experience companies that just produce websites don't. Let us put our experience to work for you.

A couple of simple but important facts

First, as of 2017, mobile devices are the number one method people use to access the web. This is a quantum shift in the way people do business on the web and your website should reflect the Mobile First philosophy.

Second, Canadian researchers, in a study commissioned by Microsoft Corporation, have found that the attention span of the average person has shrunk from twelve seconds in the year 2000 to eight seconds in 2014. Just to put that in perspective, that's one second less than the average measured attention span of a goldfish.

So how do you market to an increasingly mobile public with an attention span of a goldfish? With pictures, artwork, graphics and optimized verbiage. Pictures attract attention, make everything more interesting and convey more information in less time than words ever could.

e-Commerce Services

No Sales based Service Fees or Percentages*

Put your product or service where your customers are, online, for the whole world to see and shop. Online revenue is growing every year, because shopping online is easy and it fits today's lifestyles. That's a powerful combination and, for better or worse, the web is here to stay. Why not make the best of it and stake out your share of web profits.

All LambComm e-commerce services are designed, produced and developed in-house, and published on our owned private servers. LambComm e-commerce sites have no monthly service fees or sales percentages based fees like many large e-Commerce services. Your sales numbers are your business. You see, we are not looking to become your partner, we just want to be your web developer.


LambComm can produce small sites or large sites, all with the look and feel of major enterprise e-commerce sites. And, we do it without the monthly service fees or sales percentages large e-Commerce services charge.

The only required reoccurring monthly payment you will have from us is your hosting fees.* **

Open Access
For sales to the general public.

Restricted Access
For wholesale and distributor sales.

** Service contracts available upon request.


Just because your product is a service doesn't mean you should be left out of selling on the web.

• Hotel Reservations
• Salon & Spa Appointments
• Restaurant Reservations
• Pet Grooming & Kennels
• Cleaning & Floor Services
• more. . .

We can produce service sites with e-commerce booking and reservation capabilities.

Open Access
For the general public.

Restricted Access
For trusted customers and Insiders.


Self Managed Content

Engage your customers, tout your community involvement, promote new products, special sales or anything you want.

Attract people to your own site and do it as simply as you would on FaceBook or Twitter. A self managed Blog from LambComm puts you in control of your own valuable content.

Open Access
For communicating with the general public.

Restricted Access
For communicating with special groups.

* Service contracts available upon request.


Self Managed Content

Publicize special events, meetings, game and practice schedules or anything else.

Password restrict to use it for employee or inter-company events.

A self managed event listings can be adapted for a wide rage of uses..

Open Access
Store sales, game or practice schedule meeting or events.

Restricted Access
Private inter-company communications.


Register & Self Manage

Register and Manage visitors for - Shopper Clubs, Teams, Sales Associates, Product Registration and much more.

General Public
For customers, it can be a place for insider sales and product information.

For staff and sales associates, it can be a source of information, education, special instructions and inspiration.

Price Quote

The Expected Way

If your product or service requires custom pricing, make sure you have an online quote form at potential customers fingertips 24 / 7.

Open Access
Collect information and give estimates to the general public.

Restricted Access
Sales Associate requesting pricing for their customer accounts.

Job Application

Private Portal

List all your employment opportunities on your own site. Post new jobs and update listing.

Users can also apply for a job without ever leaving your site. Keep everything under your control.

Open Access
Take applications from the general public.

Restricted Access
Take applications only from referrals or private screenings.

Customer Service

Sales & Service

Most of Customer Service is about collecting and distributing information - Product registration, user manuals, tips & tricks, FAQs, service locations and extended warranty sales.

Make your first level customer support a special section of your website containing the information customers need to cover all but special situations.

Open Access
For general public information.

Restricted Access
For registered owners or account holders.

WB Junior Penguins
FMS Distributing
Erwine Home Health
Franklin Flood Insurance


• Designed and Produced In-house
• Never any 3rd Party Ads or Links
• No Monthly Fees

LambComm™ offers private in-house online publishing of 3D FlipBooks. We have been publishing catalogs, periodicals and brochures online for years. Our 3D FlipBooks contain no ads or links to 3rd party services. Publications are housed on our private web servers and all production is done in-house like everything else we design and produce.